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Over 24 years of experience in human centric industries

Sholex Group of Companies focuses on products and services which touches human lives in a positive manner.

We are a private limited company with registered office at Bengaluru and are active in the field of Electronics, Electrical Products Manufacturing, Medical Equipments and Supplies, Ayurveda, Electric Vehicles, CNG Conversion Kits, Water Treatment Technology and Renewable Solar Energy segment.

We have very large base of marketing networks throughout India and with each passing day our network is getting wider and stronger..

We have our strong presence in all the metro cities including state capitals across the nation.

Sholex Ayush

At Sholex Ayush ancient wisdom meets modern wellness.

Sholex Solar

We do line og domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Solar Pannels, Solar Inverterts, Solar MPPT, Chargers, Solar Power Stoage, Tall Tubular Batteries ect.

Sholex CNG

Sholex CNG is premium CNG converter kit workshop across Bengaluru. It has state of the art tools and equipments along with highly qualified team of technicians to execute the job safe and fast.

Sholex EV

With ever rising petrol prices you need an alternative fuel on your existing petrol two wheeler. Sholex EV is here for you, now ride your petrol two wheeler in style.

Sholex Water

We are offering to our valued customers a supreme quality range of Mineral Water Project, like water filters, water RO,UV plant,water treatment, mineral water plant, jar cleaning machine, PET Bottle blow molding machine, laboratory incubator, Bottle Filling Machine, ect.

Sholex UPS

We do wide line of domestic, Industrial, Commercial, Inverters/UPS/Online UPS/ and Tubular Batteries/SMF Batteries,Stubilizers.All kind of production, manufacturung, marketing, trading, commisioning. We also undertake sales and services.


Take a look at some examples
of cars we’ve made

Nissan Patrol

2013, 2.0 ON 145KM


184 KM +20%


293 NM +29%


220 KM/H +17%

Audi TT

2018, 2.0 PB 220KM


265 KM +20%


314 NM +29%


240 KM/H +17%

Porsche Panamera

2017, 3.6 PB 310KM


348 KM +20%


510 NM +29%


264 KM/H +17%

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Motorsport &
Adrenaline are
our passion